Gyver Industries LR6 Portable Table Top Head Vice

Gyver Industries’ LR6 portable table top head vice is designed for laboratory or field use and is shown in Figure 1.  The LR6 allows the veterinarian or laboratory technician to safely secure small animal skulls and limbs for educational or diagnostic work. 

The LR6 is constructed entirely of 304 stainless steel (excluding the base and the spike rubber backing cushions) for easy decontamination and years of use.  Each LR6 is equipped with 80 stainless steel spikes (40 per plate) compressed between two 3/8-inch thick plates lined with a Nitrile rubber cushion to securely hold each spike in place.  Each spike protrudes three quarters of an inch from the face of its mounting plate.  The adjustable plate of the LR6 glides on two ½-inch stainless steel rods for smooth operation and the plate is adjusted using a manually operated hand screw.  The LR6 opens to a maximum of 7.5-inches from spike tip to spike tip and can be closed to tip to tip contact if necessary.  

The LR6 mounting base is an aluminum triple pad, cam locked, vacuum suction pad system which will secure the LR6 to most stainless steel table tops or smooth surfaces.  All components of the LR6 can be easily replaced if worn or damaged. 

LR6 Portable Table Top Head Vice Specifications 








9.1 Kgs (20 Lbs) 


Figure 1

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