The Gyver Industries Team

Gyver Industries is an alkaline tissue digester manufacturing company, and much more. The Gyver team is composed of seven highly motivated and efficient experts with a wide range of skills. This team performs all aspects of design and development for the Renatus D animal waste digester™ line:

  • Planning
  • Research & Development
  • Animal Waste Digester Design
  • Programming
  • Alkaline Tissue Digester Manufacturing
  • Fabrication
  • Digester Installation
  • Administration

Our company was started in 2006 by Mark Muth, a master electrician, journeyman pipefitter, boiler mechanic, industrial control engineering programmer, and former biocontainment facilities specialist for the U.S. government. Mark worked with high-security labs for the U.S. government for seven years, and has 12 years of experience in alkaline tissue digestion design, development, and operations. With this varied and impressive list of skills and experience, Mark had the right combination of knowledge to begin fulfilling the waste needs of teaching and research facilities throughout North America.

Gyver’s headquarters in Wellington, Colorado resides in a 5,000 square foot state of the art facility that includes a plasma cutting area and stainless steel fabrication shop.

We know our reputation is our most valuable asset, so we continually strive to do solid work and innovate for our customers. We put a great deal of effort into the mechanical and electronic safety of our products. Our mission is to “build the future today.” We have patents pending on an in-floor bio-seal that allows our alkaline tissue digestion machines to be incorporated in high security facilities; and we are currently working on new developments in the areas of cadaver waste, and land application.

We look forward to finding out how we can meet your animal waste needs. Please call (970) 568-4220 or (970) 567-7249, or send e-mail to gyversboss@gyverindustries.com for more information.


“We asked Gyver to convert our WR2 30 lb. steam digester into an oil-heated unit. They did a great job for us and always went above and beyond―taking calls at all hours, including weekends. I was impressed with the reliability and ease of use of Gyver’s products, as well as their level of knowledge, and commitment to service, service, service!”
―Dan Fayant, Center for Disease Modeling at University of British Columbia