Cannabis Industry Solutions

Gyver Industries Inc. is a company with a diverse background in the industrial world Gyver brings over 90 years of experience having worked with various industries and processes to include; water and industrial wastewater treatment, specialty equipment design and fabrication, biological laboratory design and operations, construction management, electrical control system design and fabrication, system automation and programming, data collection, and more. 

Gyver believes that a major problem facing the legalized cannabis grow industry today is consistency and quality of crop.  Gyver Industries extensive experience working with various industries, technologies and processes can help the customer design, construct, and operate grow facilities with the latest in technology while managing capital costs, and optimizing return on investment.  

“Growers struggle to understand HVAC issues, it’s also obvious that the HVAC industry also struggles to understand controlled agriculture environments” (Quote from Resource Innovation Institute) 

With Gyvers extensive experience, not only can Gyver bring the latest in industrial technology to the cannabis industry, but we can solve the problems that plague other trades, such as HVAC quoted above, using our experience in biological containment laboratories to ensure a sterile environment. 

Gyver is an industrial leader, bringing proven industrial leading designs and technology to the cannabis grow industry to provide a consistent and repeatable crop at harvest each time.  

Visit our other pages for additional information on the services Gyver Industries provides for the cannabis industry.  


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