Gyver Industries HNT 544 Portable Necropsy Table

Gyver Industries’ new HNT 544 portable necropsy table.  It is the first of its kind for the industry.  The unit as designed has a load limit of 544 kilograms (1,200 pounds).  The table top is kidney shaped with 2.5-inch marine edging around the perimeter and a 23-inch opening in the edging located in the back. The table top height can be adjusted ranging from 28 to 40-inches for technician comfort.  The table top can tilt up to 6.25⁰ away from the operator and 26.75⁰ towards the operator.   

The unit is electrically powered by either 120 or 240 VAC single phase electrical service with a specific plug for the facility.  Raising, lowering, and tilting of the table top is preformed hydraulically and operator controlled by a water proof 4 button pendant controller.   

The unit can be easily moved on four 4″-inch non-marring lockable swivel castors and is equipped with leveling/stabilizing outriggers.  The unit is fabricated entirely of stainless steel and capable of withstanding complete wash downs with water and standard disinfectant chemicals.  All wear points use Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) polyethylene.  It is a center post design as are stationary floor models with the additional function of a tilting table top.  The HNT 544 has been through a thorough mechanical testing regime and has been placed in operation at Prairie Diagnostic Services laboratory located in the University of Saskatchewan.   


HNT 544 Portable Necropsy Table Specification 
Material  304 Stainless Steel 
Load Limit  544 KG (1,200 lbs) 
Electrical Power  120 or 240 VAC single phase 
Tilting Capability  YES 
Height Adjustment  28 to 40 inches 


Photos taken at Gyver Industries facility during testing show the unit in different positions.  Figure 1 shows the table in the lowered and raised position.  Figure 2 shows the table in the 6.25⁰ tilt position away from the operator and 26.75⁰ tilt position towards the operator.

Figure 1

Figure 2

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