Gyver Industries 300Kg Digester Loading Bin

Gyver Industries digester loading bin as shown in Figure 1 is a specially designed bin for laboratory use.  The key features of the digester loading bin are to provide easier offloading of necropsy tables, stable transportation, and storage of discarded animal carcasses and contents.   The digester loading bin’s unique design provides hassle free unloading into Renatus digesters.

The digester loading bin is constructed entirely of 304 stainless steel and rolls on four non marring swivel castors for ease of transportation and maneuverability.  The digester loading bin utilizes a Gyver Industries’ unique design that allows the bin to have self-tilting capabilities that are operator controlled while using an overhead hoist.  The tilting capability features a lockable heavy duty rotatable arm rail with a hoist hook plate.  The front of the bin is equipped with a lip catch to help keep the bin in the proper position when performing the tilt function.  The bin is of a rectangular design with a slopped chute on one end for controlled and precision unloading. 

300Kg Digester Loading Bin Specifications 
Top of Arm Height  48-1/2-Inches 
Length  62-3/4-Inches 
Width   33-3/4-Inches 
Empty Weight  113.4 Kgs (250 Lbs) 
Load Capacity Weight  300 Kgs (661 Lbs) 

Figure 1

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