Gyver Industries Long Critter Bits Hook

Gyver Industries’ Long Critter Bits Hook is designed for digester use and is shown in Figure 1.  The Long Critter Bits Hook allows the digester operator to safely hook animals that are inside the digester and reposition them to a better location within the digester. This ensures proper chemical contact and increased heat up times for Gyver Industries’ digesters. 

The Long Critter Bits Hook is constructed entirely of 304 stainless steel for easy decontamination and years of use.  Each Critter Bits Hook comes with a 6inch stainless steel carabineer and one 24inch stainless steel eye and eye wire rope sling. Both components are easily removable if needed.  The end of the hook is sharpened to a point for ease of hooking onto loaded animals. 

The Long Critter Bits Hook is easily attachable to an overhead hoist hook and is load rated for 500Lbs. 

Long Critter Bits Hook Specifications 
Length  83-7/8-Inches 
Load Rating  500Lbs 


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