The Renatus D Animal Waste Digester™

Each animal waste digester that Gyver Industries manufactures is built only after a thorough analysis of your needs. Each facility is different and has unique requirements in terms of size, waste volume, design, and municipal responsibilities. With an exceptional capacity to grasp both scientific and mechanical requisites, we specialize in making sure each dead animal disposal unit is the right one for your environment.

The Renatus (meaning “rebirth”) D animal waste digester™ line is built from the highest quality materials and is available in a variety of sizes, to meet the dead animal disposal needs of various facilities. The smaller lab models are built to accommodate between 80 and 500 lbs. of biomaterial at one time. These machines can usually fit through a doorway, so special arrangements for delivery are not necessary.

Larger models (over 500 lbs. capacity) are custom built, and those with capacity over 1,000 lbs. typically require a specially constructed room in the facility as well as special delivery arrangements. We can build units with capacities of up to 10,000 lbs. Every unit can be customized in terms of size and other variables (such as waste liquidity) to meet your needs.

While we do not require you to consult with us prior to animal waste digester installation, we highly recommend it, as we find that our expertise during the planning stages of lab construction contributes to a seamless installation of the unit. We work with architectural and engineering firms; mechanical engineers; municipalities; scientific staff; operations and maintenance personnel; and agronomy farm personnel to coordinate efforts and ensure a smooth installation.

We help to design the proper sized unit up front―one more reason to get us involved in the planning stage. Please read “Gyver Industries: Integrating Science and Mechanics for Optimal Installations” and “Gyver Industries: Consulting Services for Lab Development and Renovation” for additional information on our process.

Using a unique dry discharge technology for dead animal disposal, the Renatus D™ units decompose animal waste overnight, in a process similar to what the earth would do to comparable waste over a period of time. The machines are easy to use, with a simple five-step process:

  1. Add waste using our specialized overhead hoist system.
  2. Clean the area.
  3. Secure the lid, and confirm the lid has been secured, using the computer console.
  4. Use the computer console to start the process and wait. The process takes several hours, including the chemical decomposition, dehydration, and cool-down cycles.
  5. Dispose of waste.

The stainless steel units are self cleaning and require little maintenance. Installation of each unit includes customized training and a customized DVD for later reference. Gyver offers 24-hour phone service, and a 48-hour on-site response time for mechanical issues that can’t be resolved by phone. All our machines are guaranteed, and we offer maintenance and support packages for our machines and others, as well as a full one-year warranty on labor and parts.

For a free video of our animal waste digester in action, call Gyver today at (970) 568-4220 or (970) 567-7249, or e-mail gyversboss@gyverindustries.com.

The Renatus D Animal Waste Digester™
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