Gyver infront of 80Lb Renatus Digester.

Large animal disposal is key to the smooth functioning of a veterinary lab or teaching facility. A tissue digester that is not installed or sized properly for efficient animal or wildlife carcass disposal, or older machinery that is no longer operating properly or efficiently can cause practical and financial problems, not to mention a lot of aggravation.

Gyver Industries is a family owned and operated business that has established a reputation for manufacturing quality alkaline tissue digesters for large animal disposal, dependable installation, AND restoring the substandard installations performed by other providers that happen all too often. We are alkaline tissue digestion specialists who  work with all types of animal or wildlife  carcass disposal equipment, including tissue digesters and effluent sterilization systems, in all types of lab settings to ensure our customers have the safest and most efficient environments possible in which to do their jobs. When customers call us in during the lab design phase, later problems and unnecessary costs can be avoided.

Our customers get the benefit of our 12 years of experience helping teaching and research facilities manage laboratory waste. Our Renatus D animal waste digester™ line allows for clean and convenient animal or wildlife  carcass disposal and minimal maintenance. With a solid grasp of the needs of lab environments, we work with each customer to ensure their machine becomes integral to the facility’s operations.

Members of Gyver’s staff have personally performed more digester loads than any of our competitors, so we have the experience to back up our products. Our highly skilled employees are prepared to travel anywhere in the world to consult on lab planning, train lab staff, install our machines, or repair or maintain other types of digester equipment. Our combination of skills in science and mechanics makes us uniquely qualified to incorporate each digester seamlessly into the lab environment.

In addition to high quality and innovation, Gyver values safety and sustainability. We employ strict safety protocols and green guidelines. Our headquarters in Wellington, Colorado is a low emissions facility, resulting in reduced operational costs. And, we constantly work closely with local scientists and environmentalists to discover greener methods of disposal for lab waste.

Our custom training and maintenance DVDs, along with our 24-hour response time have earned us a reputation for exceptional customer service.

If you’re ready to take the next step in learning about large animal disposal, call (970) 568-4220, or send e-mail to for more information.

Meanwhile, we invite you to visit our products page to find out about our full line of animal waste digesters.

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